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Too many students, not enough seats. Too many applications, not enough time. Too many requirements, not enough clarity.

Does that sound familiar? That's what we've heard from people like you when they talk about the admission process. It happens each year but it doesn't get easier for anyone. Parents & students on one side or schools & colleges on the other, bear the brunt of a system that could be a lot more simple and efficient. was created to change all of this and make your lives easier. This one location gives you all the information you need to figure out which educational institutions match your expectations. Apply to your preferred institute of choice from a place and time that's convenient for you.

It's simple, transparent and at no additional cost to you. It's easy and painless. It's Admissions Simplified!

Our Philosophy

If you see something is wrong, fix it.
If you feel something can be better, improve it.
If you know something is complicated, simplify it.

Getting into the right school or college is often a step toward a better future. It should not be complicated and painful. It should not involve paying middlemen or waiting in lines. It should not waste paper or time.

Therefore, we've designed a socially responsible, paper-free, online portal that simplifies the entire process. From selection of the school or college in India, to applying and all the way up to payment for processing. For schools and colleges too, the portal reduces the burden of issuing, managing and processing applications.

This is a one-stop shop for the admissions process to simplify what's unnecessarily complex.

Who We Are

Social entrepreneurs, IT experts, financial specialists and educationists. Dreamers, doers, problem-solvers and idealists. But most importantly, we are parents and have been students who've experienced the ordeal of the admissions process.

We are citizens who've faced these issues, as social entrepreneurs we wanted to fix them. That's why we've tried to simplify the admission process for both students/parents and educational institutions.

It's with great pride that we present to you This is India's first-of-its-kind, comprehensive, hassle-free admission portal - to serve parents & students who go through the admissions process and the educational institutions that manage a massive load each year.